So you've received that first travel quest or just have a hankering to hit the open lands of Mythador but can't figure out how to raise an army, this is the page to learn. This is our Mr Icey and Mr Hero combo that are about to ravage the land of Mythador. Starting with picture 1, we see our world map without any armies currently on it. Then click the "create army button" then transfer units/resources by clicking on them to move them to the other window. You can also name your new army when creating it by clicking on the name box, default is army 1. Then when you are finished transfering units into your new army click "create" at the bottom of the screen. Right clicking on a resource or unit will transfer all of that type to the other army/town. The number to the right of the army name is your army strength, the finished army has a strength of 151. The composition of your army and the level of your troops is what determines the strength rating.

800px-Dawn of Fantasy Creating an army1
800px-Dawn of Fantasy Half an army in
800px-Dawn of Fantasy Final army product

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