The race of dragons is ancient in Mythador one of the three original races. Over time they've gradually been reduced to one region named sssilistra. At the current time only 3 dragons are available to players purchasable at the in game shop. They do not die but collapse when they get reduced to one hitpoint. They can be revived by healing them at either the player's HC or by visiting a healer merchant in an NPC town. The three currently available dragon units are: royal dragon,red dragon,green dragon. All three dragon units can fly when directed to. All three can also shoot fireballs on command. The red and royal dragons can breathe a "firewall" which creates an impressive barrier of flame between them and enemy units.

Dragons were one of two races to be cut from the dof release and the devs have publicly stated that they would like to add a full dragon race as either an xpack or DLC. Also it's been publicly stated that more dragon units are planned to be release as time goes on. Black dragons can be found in Sssilistra to fight, but currently they are not able to be obtained in any way, however, the developers are thinking of adding a way to tame them.

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