The Dwarves feature prominently in DoF even without being a full race at this time. With five units purchasable at the in-game shop and two in-game regions, the Dwarves are fully represented by an NPC Human character as well. The Dwarves were one of two races to be cut pre-release along with Dragons. It has been publicly stated by the devs that they would like to add the Dwarves as either an Xpack or DLC in the future.

Dwarven Cannon Edit

A devastating weapon capable of quickly turning even the strongest walls to rubble, the Dwarven Cannon shoots a large metal ball that destroys anything in its path. Any lord seeking to siege another town would be well advised to acquire a few of these formidable weapons.

Dwarven Miner Edit

Dwarven Miners are by far better gatherers than any worker available to you (be it orc, human, or elf) They have a prodigious gold and stone gathering rate, but are unable to loot corpses, fight fires, gather food, or produce wood. They can be trained at the Dwarf Training building, like any other troop, and, as well as gold and food, cost two Crowns, Wealth, Influence, etc.

Dwarven Rifleman Edit

Dwarven Axeman Edit

Dwarven Battler Edit

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