Human questing armies often feature the heavy Foot Knight unit to provide a strong melee impact unit. Swordsmen are also valued for their speed. The Mounted Knight when fully upraded is a fast, large trample area unit that is prized by human players. For ranged units Archers are preferred to crossbows because of their longer range. Villager units are important if a player intends to loot the battlefield after the quest is done. Quest rewards are typically crowns or gold or both. A hero is required to enter a quest. Quests allow either 12 or 20 units to join them so pick carefully which troops you bring.

Early Quests Edit

  • Welcome Quest
  • Goblins and Outlaws
  • Missing Ale
  • Time to expand
  • Rampaging Ogre
  • Mercenaries
  • Market Trading
  • Wolf Beast Raiders
  • A letter
  • Refugees
  • Peasant Uprising
  • The Noble Traitor
  • To Dagbor

Mid Quests Edit

  • A Knight is Born
  • Return to Dagbor
  • Dangerous Neighbors
  • Summoned by the King
  • Pursuit of the Wizard
  • Into the Swamps
  • King Erian's Report
  • Orc Encounters
  • Travel to the Elfish Border
  • Matters of the Heart
  • For the Hand of the Princess
  • Bloody Betrayal
  • Revenge against the Elves

Late Quests Edit

  • A Different Danger
  • The Root of the Rout
  • The Mightiest Feat
  • Afronts on Two Fronts
  • Into the Furthest Fores
  • Continuing the Conflict
  • An Eager Evil
  • Small Games
  • Where Humans Dare to Tread
  • A Place of Hate
  • Step Forward Braved Warriors
  • Ever Eager for Battle(loop)
  • Rumor begets Rebel
  • Expunging the Canker
  • A Sting in the Tale (loop)
  • Civil Unrest (loop)

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