Orcs are unique in that they can free build where ever they like on their home city map. They still require a bit of planning to have efficient unit training trees. There's nothing like having your troops march across the map to turn into military units from workers! The starter building is the Great Hut and from it spawns your workers. Your laborer battalions will build all your builds and can help speed building projects along by tasking more worker units to the building. The buildings that spawn units: grand hut, goblin tent and warg pen can be set to "no spawn" if desired.

Military Buildings Edit

Warg Pen - The Warg Pen breed and train Wargs. It also mounts units. Slayers and Impalers can be tasked to the Warg Pen to mount them. It breeds Wargs which can be butchered by Marauders for food.

Ogre Pit - The Ogre Pit trains Ogres and researches Orge Upgrades.

The Amory - The Armory researches many Orc Upgrades. When Laborers, Marauders, Slayers or Impalers are tasked to it, they will transform into the selected Siege Equipment.

Pyre - The Pyre trains Impalers. Laborers or Marauders can be tasked to the Pyre and they will trained into Impalers. Researches Infantry upgrades.

War Hall - The War Hall allows the training of Slayers. Laborers or Marauders can be tasked to the War Hall and they will trained into Slayers.

Temple - The Temple allows the training of Berserkers. Impalers or Slayers can be tasked to the Temple and they will trained into Berserkers. Also allows for late game wall and wall defenses via techs.

Economy Buildings Edit

Grand Hut - The Grand Hut is the main building of every orc stronghold. Spawns Laborers, Marauders, builds Walls upgrades and is a Resource Drop Off point.

Hut - The Hut increase population cap and acts as a resource Drop Off point.

Goblin Tent - The Goblin Tent spawns Goblins and increases population cap. Spawns Goblin Raiders, Goblin Prowlers.

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