When going on quests it is advisable to use the highest level troops available as the player is typically limited to either 9 or twelve units per quest, 1 of whom must be the hero. For Orc quests high level berskers,marauders (loot ability) and ogres are all recommended as is taking a few orc calvary units. Unless specified as a siege mission siege gear isn't needed and will slow you down on quests. Ogres double as carrying units for orc armies and so work well to carry spoils off after the quest. Typical quest rewards are either crowns or gold, sometimes both. A hero is required to enter a quest. Quests allow either 12 or 20 units to join them so pick carefully which troops you bring.

Early Quests Edit

  • Big Huts
  • Preparing
  • Ogre Party
  • Tribe Wars
  • Protect the Prince
  • Royal Hunt
  • Old Scores
  • Travel to Makkada

Mid Quests Edit

  • Honor to the Victor
  • King's Orc
  • The Wizard Hunt
  • The Wizard Imprisoned
  • War with Humans
  • Assault on Teria
  • Contact with Elves
  • Ambush
  • Elven Schemes
  • The Canyon
  • Tirranek's War
  • Elf Blood will Flow

Late Quests Edit

  • Tirranek's Obsession
  • The Silician Hand
  • Nhob'ru Will Burn
  • Orc Alliances
  • The Dagger Plunges Deep
  • Elven Blood - Loops
  • Doing Tirranek's Dirty Work
  • Deeds left Unfinished
  • Elusive Allies
  • While the Iron is Hot
  • From the Shadows
  • The Wrath Krak Urnen (loops)
  • Defending the Tyrant
  • Conspiracy of Blood
  • Gokkholm Divided
  • War Against the Four Brothers (loops)

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